Diagnosis and Improvement of Saline and Alkali Soils
The 1954/1969 classic book from The US Salinity Lab (large pdf - allow time for download)
Halophytes database
Microrganisms in plant stress adaptations
A review of the role of microorganisms in adaptation of agriculture crops to abiotic stresses, 2011.
A good popular resource for information on environmental issues such as climate change, global warming and acid rain.
Plant Physiology on-line
An exhaustive educational resource in plant physiology by Lincoln Taiz and Eduardo Zeiger
Environmental adaptation database and information system for plants and crops (by FAO)
Climate Change 2001-2010
Hard data on a decade of global climate change and events, from WMO
Integrated breeding website
Providing resources and building professional networks for plant breeding
International Project to "enhance the cereal plant capability to acquire water and nutrients through their roots"
High and Dry
Why Genetic Engineering Is Not Solving Agriculture's Drought Problem in a Thirsty World. A report by the Union of Concerned Scientists 2012.
Saltland Genie
Interactive solution finder for salty land (from Australia)- Making saline land productive.
Global warming - The data
From US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: National Climatic Data Center -- via Wikimedia
Drought phenotyping in crops: from theory to practice
An online book (Suggestion: download chapters of interest)
Waterlogging information website
Web site about Water-Logging, Soil Salinity, Plant Growth, Subsurface Drainage, Ground Water Hydraulics, Surface Runoff, Irrigation, Reclamation, and other Crop Production and Land & Water Management Issues in Agriculture and Agricultural Lands.
Breeding Rice for Drought Prone Environments
A Breeder`s manual.
This is a growing new science and industry, dealing with the use of toxicity resistant plants to clean up the environment, especially soil, from toxic materials.
Water Harvesting (web book)
FAO Publication, 1991 by Will Critchley, Klaus Siegert, C. Chapman,and M. Finkel
US Salinity Lab
Global Information and Early Warning System
For information on food production predictions, current weather and agriculture problems - mainly in Africa.
Conservation tillage handbook
Based on the cumulative experience of the USA Pacific Northwest experience and technology.
Trees for controlling dryland salinity and waterlogging
Dryland salinity is explained and the ways to monitor and control further salination by using trees are discussed.
The fascinating shrubs and trees that grow in sea water; a web Page from Florida