Powerpoint presentations
Short presentations about essential plant stress issues
Isohydric and non-isohydric vegetable crops
A list
Model describing the effect of saline water irrigation on soil and crop
About Termites, Ants, Desertification and Dryland Crops
Do termite mounds and anrhills improve dryland crop productivity and pull back desertification?
High throughput plant phenotyping
A portal for high throughput plant phenotyping technologies and installations
Extremely heat tolerant plants
Heat tolerant flowering plants of active geothermal areas
Recent Books
Recently published books on plant environmental stress
Adaptation of Plants to Water-Limited Mediterranean-type Environments
Abstracts of the conference taken place Oct. 2004 at Perth Australia -
Field based phenomics for plant genetic research
Possibilities and potential to develop high throughput plant phenotyping in the field
Salt tolerant crop varieties developed at Karnal, India: a success story
A brief illustrated description of past and present development and adoption of salinity resistant crop varieties at the Central Soil Salinity Research Institute, Karnal India.
Irrigation Manuals
Detailed instructional materials, from the FAO.
Fertilizer Manuals
Instructions and recommendations for managing crop plant nutrition
Soil physical constraints to plant growth and crop production
by C.M.K. Gardner, K.B. Laryea and P.W. Unger, FAO 1999 (large file)
Agriculture in saltland
Fresh views on developing agriculture and plant production in saltland